Jack portrait

From rocks to art

Jack is a palette knife painter based in Germany. Originally from the UK, he moved to Germany in 2012 with his girlfriend (now wife). At this time he was working as an earthquake researcher in academia. He had always had a passion for art, and after working as a geologist for over a decade he finally decided to pursue this passion and became a full time artist. 

In his work he applies thick acrylic paint to large canvases using palette knives. His subject matter varies but he finds himself drawn to portraits the most. Capturing the contours of a face and the reflected light using bold knife strokes allows the expressed emotion to be revealed, whilst also providing a slightly abstract element. This is particularly evident when his paintings are viewed up-close. Take a step back and the abstract shapes coalesce and the form of the piece is revealed.

Applying multiple layers of acrylic using palette knives allows for the development of texture and depth which are both evident in his work. This method allows Jack to create colourful, vibrant and unique artworks. 

Jack lives the Olpe district, Sauerland, with his wife Teresa and two children, Henry and Isla

Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the way humans express themselves and I see my paintings as an expression of the human condition. Be it through a facial expression or the juxtaposition of color within a portrait, I try to communicate the emotions and experiences which make us all unique. My process involves the assemblage of abstract shapes of color using palette knives - layer upon layer, stroke after stroke - until eventually the desired form emerges. The faces I paint have detectable features but continually push towards abstraction, and the thick texture of my works make the viewer want to reach out and feel each piece.

Group Exhibitions 

2022 Wonder, Capital Culture House Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN.

2022 Artbase, The Holy Art Gallery, London, U.K. 

2022 Art in the time of Crisis, Kuvik Gallery, Dortmund, GERMANY

2022 Harmony of Art, Blue Blood Gallery, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC - Contest Winner

2021 The Dreamers, The Holy Art Gallery, London, U.K. 

2021 In the Wild, King House Gallery, U.K. 

2021 Shades of Blue, Camelback Gallery, U.S.A. - Bronze Award Winner

2021 Urban Perspectives, Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, GERMANY

2021 Art Walkway, Galleria d'arte di Cael Pipin, Milan, ITALY

2021 The Grand Opening at TM Gallery, Brilon, GERMANY

2021 Black and White, Camelback Gallery, U.S.A. - Bronze Award Winner

2021 Transparency, Capital Culture House Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN.